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Adolfo Melara of Advanced Cognition, LLC

About Adolfo Melara

With over a decade of experience as an elementary school teacher and administrator, Adolfo Melara owns Advanced Cognition, LLC. He also serves as the lead trainer at the firm. In the latter capacity, he conducts training that touches on constructive meaning techniques, the gradual release of responsibility model, and common core state standards. He also offers side-to-side coaching and real-time lesson demonstration in classroom sessions, a full-day workshop on analyzing text-dependent questions, and assistance organizing and holding parent meetings. Previously, Adolfo Melara served as an educational consultant at DataWORKS Educational Research, Inc., and modeled lessons for administrators and teachers that emphasized higher order thinking and student engagement.

Adolfo Melara attended California State University, Stanislaus, ultimately graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor of arts in liberal arts and ethnic studies. He then earned Bilingual Crosscultural Language and Academic Development authorization from the institution. Subsequently, he enrolled at California State University, Sacramento, and worked towards a master of arts in instructional leadership and, afterwards, a Professional Clear Administrative Services credential.

In addition, Adolfo Melara has written a memoir, In a Kingdom of Birds and Clouds: A Happy Childhood. Published in 2013, it covers his formative years in El Salvador. He gives presentations based on the book to audiences ranging from fourth graders to adults.


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